Friday, July 2, 2010

How To Make Extra Cash, Income At Home

Wondering how you can earn extra cash while you are at home?
Interested in simple ads viewing or completing exciting online surveys?
Here are some methods of getting that extra cash the simple way.

Yes, it's free to sign-up and registration is straight-forward.
How do you receive your rewarded cash?
Once the minimum payout is reached, you can request to cash out through various payment methods as indicated.

Neobux is a reputable Paid-To-Click website
You will be rewarded after clicking and viewing the advertisers' websites

Click to register for Neobux
  • Minimum Balance To Request Cash Out:
    • $2.00 (Paypal, Alertpay)
  • Daily Earning:
    • 4 to 5 clicks paying at $0.01 each
    • 1 to 3 clicks paying at $0.005 each

Another Paid-To-Click website that offers good rewards for ad viewing

Click to register for Incrasebux
  • Minimum Balance To Request Cash Out:
    • $2.00 (Paypal, Alertpay)
  • Daily Earning:
    • 5 clicks paying at $0.007 each

    OpinionWorld rewards you for every survey you complete
    Survey requests are alerted through your email

    • Minimum Balance To Request Cash Out:
      • 1000 points = $30 (Paypal, Cheque)
    • Daily Earning:
      • 25 - 2500 points per survey

    How To Fix A Scratched CD That Can't Play Properly

    Please don't try it on a CD which is already playing good.
    But if it is badly scratched and unplayable, you have nothing to lose.

    Method 1 : Brasso
    Effectiveness : 

    Method 2 : Toothpaste
    Effectiveness : 

    Wednesday, June 30, 2010

    Increase Hits, Visitors To Your Blog or Website For Free

    Do you need more visitors to your website?
    Here is a free and easy way by signing up with Adgitize.

    Basically, this is what you have to do:
    • Choose the design and display of Adgitize ad groups
    • Copy the generated code and add it to your desired blog
    • Place it some where accessible in your blog page
    • Click through the ad groups during your free time in exchange for hits from other visitors
    • Keep clicking new ad groups from the websites you are directed to (this is an easy way to earn more click exchange)
    Note: You have to be logged on to Adgitize while clicking the ad groups
    In this way, we create a Win-Win situation as you can get new visitors to your website from the website owners you visited.
    On top of that, Adgitize allows you to earn points from the clicks and eventually you can convert to cash and cash them out.

    Interested to earn extra income at home?
    Check out this link.

    Here is another free to join websiteEntrecard, which works similar to Adgitize.
    It is a good idea to place their ad groups alongside which makes it easier for visitors to locate.

    The slight difference to earn click points for Entrecard is to click the "Drop" sign located in a yellow box below the ad group.
    It will take a few seconds to load and show a "Thanks!" if the drop is successful.